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 New island on work

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PostSubject: New island on work   18/01/08, 07:20 pm

As Crionyk is fixing the last details on the MVD units and started to work on the new weapons, I started to work on a new island.
This is a satellite-based terrain representing the south east area of Grozny (12,5 km for a side). At this point, the textures are only from the satellite pics and i will have to add all the objets, buildings, roads and vegetation. I'll try to match as possible with the reality.

Above, the view in the editor (textures) and the view on the grozny airport (satellite textured)

The project is to make a summer and a winter map of this area

Above: a view of the south.

Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: New island on work   29/05/08, 08:31 pm

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New island on work
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