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 Sound mod

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PostSubject: Sound mod   28/01/08, 07:52 am

You guys mentioned needing a sound mod of your own right? If so I can help you out a bit. While I don't have the time to work full time on your mod as I'mrunning my own (, I can do some sounds for your mod, but I don't have much experince with putting the sounds into arma. If you want a sample of my work, I can put something together real quick.
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PostSubject: Re: Sound mod   28/01/08, 05:35 pm

Hello Ryujin!

I am the main creator of the sounds for the CWM mod. I probably wont need any help on making the sounds, but creating the config .CPP i need help with as i only understand them so-so. However, if you have or find any high quality sounds i would be very happy to lay my hands on them for some edit and enhancements. Very Happy Any help to get some quality sounds on the russian weapons would be great. Im searching hard for them, and im searching for the real sounds only to make CWM experience top notch.

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Sound mod
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