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 question to Datakill

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PostSubject: question to Datakill   31/01/08, 07:48 pm

Why there will be no first Chechen campaign in CWM?
(Почему не будет первой чеченской кампании)
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PostSubject: Re: question to Datakill   31/01/08, 09:16 pm

Maxim, we can't tell what will be done or not as missions or campaign. Here is how it works: we are creating units, aircrafts, sounds mod, etc and once it's released everybody can do what they want with the addons to create missions or campaign.

The only thing i can tell you is: once the first units (MVD, MI17,Weapons pack,...) will be ready to be released we will try to adapt "evolution" and "domination" to our mod and also create our own missions (One is already done and need to be adapted to the mod). Beside that, once the first parts of the mod will be ready to use, feel free to create your own mission/campain.
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question to Datakill
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