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 Monthly report

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PostSubject: Monthly report   03/03/08, 02:22 pm

Hi all.

It's been a while since we gave some news or screenshots, so here are the latest ones:

-We are all working hard and some new dev team members joined us to give a hand.
Guys like Tobias Rieper and Ripperbat are doing some great job for the mod as modelers.
This way, the units are almost completly reworked and we decided to make some changes in the first pack that will be released.

The first pack should include :

- A weapons pack:
# AKS 74 from BIS original weapon : will come in gp25, silenced, PSO scope and 1P29 sight
# VSS Vintorez
# SVD with wooden grip and synthetic grip + camo version
# Bizon come in silenced, non silenced
...and more

- The MVD units (in urban and woodland reed camo with M22 assault vest)
- The Chechen rebels
- KA50, MI17 (transport and rocket version), BTR80 reskined.

The winter pack will be released later in a separated pack.

The first beta tests on MVD units should start in a few week

-The island is still on work but slowed due to a bug on the airport building.

-Few days ago, the "Vityaz Clan" is born. This clan is the CWMod partner and will play missions based on the mod.
Vitiaz clan members are french at this moment but recruiting players from all over the world, able to speak english.
We have our own 14 slots server "Vityaz clan / CWM" 1.08 version where the first CWM beta tests will be proceeded.

-Some missions are on the work. We are currently playing "Domination" for RHS pack V2 on our server and this mission will be modified for the CWMod and released.
(Thanks to "Xeno" for the permission).
Some members of the Vityaz Clan are also making some great missions.

-The forum still need another Russian / English speaking moderator. No huge work, just need to know the mod and answer the questions in the Russian part of the forum

The whole CWM dev team would also like to thank all the forum members who offered and provided some help in all the kinds of work we're doing.
"Abica" from, "Rus_alpha" and his friend for the russian voices in domination R1, "sobr" for the technical informations about the weapons, and all the others for their support and suggestions.

Stay tuned !
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DaV!d Armstrong

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PostSubject: Re: Monthly report   08/03/08, 09:28 pm

Yeah! Nice guys,i can also help you while me and my clan will build PvP missions,and play it on our dedicated 64 slots server.I will do it for sure! I'm a very big fanboy of this mod.I like this idea,since the offical announcement of your mod.

See you fighting ...for Chechenya! Twisted Evil


DaV!d Armstrongc Very Happy
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Monthly report
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